Saturday, April 10, 2010


I played in a Warhammer tournament today with my buddy Jon and it was really great! I've never played in a tourney before so this was a first. There ended up being 11 players. Jon tied for 2nd and I came in 5th, not too shabby! It had a setup where if you won you got 7 points, loss was 0, draw was 3 with 2 ways to get an extra point per game. I don't remember how many points the player in first got but Jon and the other guy tied at 17 for 2nd and the guy in 4th had 16 points. I got 15 points so it was close and great.

Ooooooooh yeah the other surprise today was Subway. I go maybe once a year and we went today and it was buy one get one free. That's how it goes sometimes I guess

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